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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Well, geez, alright," Jerry said, clearly deflated. "I know we're on a death island playing a death game with death bombs strapped to our necks while sick weirdos watch us and proooobably jack off to it, but there's no reason to get all agitated." Jerry turned his back to Matt for a second to watch Toby head toward the bell tower at about half the speed of smell. Chills went up his spine the moment he realized what he had done, and checked over his shoulder to check on Matt... make sure the guy hadn't spontaneously teleported while nobody was looking at him.

Having confirmed that Matt was indeed not Slenderman or Michael Myers, Jerry dug a heel into the ground and pushed off, running by Toby to reach the tower first. "Yep! That sure is a stone tower, alright," Jerry said, craning his neck. From how close he had gotten, he couldn't make much sense of the top. Guess that was something he should have done before getting close enough to kiss the masonry. "Shame it ain't wood; I woulda set it on fire or somethin', get a signal going. Or does that count under 'stupid and getting attention' to you?" Jerry asked. The words were set up perfectly for a sarcastic comment, but his wide eyes and eager tone sold it differently.

"But y'know... for a helicopter or somethin'. And uh, what was that about Alvaro?" Jerry asked aside to Matt. "Think I remember hearin' his name. Maybe, maybe not. He's gone all murder-happy?"
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