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This wasn't real, right? This was some kind of a sick joke. The world's most fucked up hidden camera show, and Cam would get up in a second and be smiling and Enzo would have to stop themselves from strangling her, but would be crying tears of relief at the same time because she was still alive when they'd thought she was dead.

It couldn't be.

Vanessa said something, and it buzzed past Enzo like a static wash from a busted headset.

She spoke again, and this time, some made it through.

Vinny shook their head, shivering and shuddering. It had happened so fast, they hadn't even seen- did that even really matter? Vinny had been trying to focus on keeping Cameron alive, not, not whoever had done this to her.

They didn't want to think of it like that. Who had 'done' this. That made it real. Too real. Too real.

Their stomach was about to tear itself in half, and then inside out.

"I-I, I didn't..." their voice was hoarse, they swallowed, shook their head again. "I didn't see."
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