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Hannah made a sound of annoyance as the flashlight assaulted her retinas. It wasn't like had been trying to hide. It just turned out that when entering a building that was dark, it was hard to be seen. Just like she hadn't noticed the girl whose voiced sounded familiar. But when you went to school with someone she guessed she'd pick up people's voices somehow. Maybe the killers would put on funny character voices so people wouldn't recognize them in the dark. Hannah sometimes made her voice different when she was acting. She thought it helped build to the character she was playing.

Her grip tightened on the fabric-covered board in her hand.

She didn't have any evidence that the girl blinding her wasn't a killer other than that she hadn't attacked her physically yet.

"You're gouging out my eyes," she responded with a whiny huff. The hand holding the board gestured dramatically with it.

The light really did hurt. Couldn't this chick be cool?
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