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Right when she was done with people, too. That's okay. She can adjust her mindset quickly.

But then she opens her mouth and no she can't, because she has no idea what to say. Because it looks like the guy's not gonna finish his question, and she just wants to be sure, like, really sure, exactly what question she's gonna be answering, and fuck it let's just answer all the likely possibilities. Like a total ass.

She sighed. "No. I don't know you, I'm not playing, I'm not..."

Damn. Were there really only two possibilities? And she thought of herself as creative. Quick, say something clever before your self-esteem takes another dive. Or before it becomes painfully obvious how fucked up you are. Or before the guy flips his shit. Something. She felt an instinctive need to try to say something clever. She can rationalize it out later.

Well, no she can't, but she has to do something now before this gets terribly awkward.

"Anyways. Um. Hi. Asuka. My name. And, um..."

Yeah, asking him how his day went wasn't the kind of joke he was gonna want to hear right now. It was possible. Not really worth the risk in his state. Um. What's the thing you say to show that you're genuinely concerned about someone?

"...are you okay?"

Okay, that was dumb. She laughed, shakily.

"Looks like the island has fucked both of us up pretty thoroughly, huh?"

She walked in his direction. Fuck, how was he smaller than her? That rang a bell. She didn't personally know him, but she'd seen him in the halls a couple times. Not many kids in Cochise who were this short. Lot of good that did her; she didn't know anything about him.

She leaned against the wall. Used a stick to mime lighting up a cigarette. "So. What happened to put you in this state? I was pretty sure I'd be the only one interested in going to someplace called the Lobotomy Lab. Unless you, like. Came here to hide. In which case, whoops."

And then, almost like an afterthought: "I'll tell if you tell."
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