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Isabel almost couldn't believe what had just happened.

The boy had managed to slash his own throat with his sickle. With a hole in his stomach and two broken legs.

Isabel let out a rage filled scream as the blood started gushing out of the boy's throat. He was trying to deny her the kill, give the terrorists a chance to make his death out as a suicide in order to mess with her. Deny her the glory and the chance to be even more formidable than she already was to the rest of the student population.

Too bad for him that it takes some time to die from slashing your throat. Isabel knew that from experience.

Still, she wasn't about to let this act of defiance pass without action being taken.

"You... you!" Isabel spat out as she lifted the axe end of the halberd up above her head. "You're not taking this away from me!"

The halberd slammed down with a sickening crack, embedding itself in the boy's head.
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