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His name was the first word to break the silence.

A laugh. His body tensed. It was different, he knew, but there was still the feeling that it had. The meaning. The idea behind the words. Jasper was friendly. Was. He didnít know now, anything could have happened since he had woken up that could have changed anything and Alvaro knew that and Alvaro didnít help that and he knew that Jasper could have changed and he knew that Jasper had changed just like everyone else but he didnít know. Good or bad? He wanted to believe. The laugh was familiar. The laugh was different from all the others, from the bullies and the jerks who Alvaro knew laughed at him. Used him for what he had. No. Jasper wasnít like that. He was a friend. He was a teammate. The laugh was different. It wasnít at him. It wasÖ

Was it? No, couldnít be. There was nothing to laugh at. There was nothing to laugh with. Why was he laughing, then? What was he laughing at?

He didnít know.

But the silence was once again broken. More words. A smile. It didnít matter. Jasper had laughed at something before, but that memory could leave. It didnít matter. Jasper was here. Jasper was Jasper. He wasnít like Lily. He wasnít like any of the other people he knew who were put on the speakers. He was here. He was him. He didnít know what Jasper had done, he didnít know what had happened to Jasper, but he could believe, he could let down his arms, he could finally find comfort and happiness and rest and peace and maybe things could be okay again maybe he didnít have to play this game be on this island maybe he didnít have to do-

Cold room. Water at his feet.

A friend. Two. In front. Gun pointed.

He could have, they were friends. They were friendly. He could have let his arms down.

A shape, charging towards him. Familiar.

A friend, who knew.

A friend, gone.

A friend, standing in front of him.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Breathe in, breathe out.
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