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((Emma Luz continued from Notes From An Even Smaller Island))

It was going to rain. That was a good thing and a bad thing.

The good news was, if it rained, that’d solve their water problem quickly. Depending on how much, they could easily replenish their stock. All they’d need to do was find a way to collect it. She remembered a few times, people would talk about ways to gather rainwater using a tarp or their roof. Finding a tarp would be tricky, though. Maybe there could be something they could use, though, with a bit of looking.

The bad news: it also meant that they’d have to find another shelter more quickly. It was already a priority to begin with. A good place to sleep was about as important as water. Not to mention… it was getting a little difficult for her, walking around like this. Her legs and shoulders ached. A few times, she’d space out, or even doze a little, only to realize the group was moving. It was clear after a while that she needed a place to rest. While it sounded a bit selfish, she did have somewhat different needs physically, after all. She didn't feel like she could hike for much longer. However, it would also be good for the others, to find a place to sit down, maybe sleep. Rain, with all the issues that would cause, only made that more important.

Luckily, that issue resolved itself. Amanda pointed out a building that could have some supplies they needed. Emma gave a small smile, and it wasn’t just the fact that they had a place to rest and look for things they needed. One of her favorite movies back home had a scene where two of the main characters devised a plan that ended with going to a pub to “get a cold pint and wait for all this to blow over.” She could only see the humor in hiding out in a bar.

Of course, her smile faded some after a second. She missed home. Even if they made it back, she knew that student council meetings wouldn’t be the same without Joshua or Conrad. And home wouldn’t be the same without…

Emma tried to shake that thought aside. It still hurt, knowing that Sabrina and Tina had been killed.

Like the others, she stepped into the pub, and right away, a pungent smell had hit her nose. It was the same familiar smell from the wards. It wasn’t long before they found the source. There was blood, spattered all over an armchair and the nearby floor. At the center of it all, a body sat limply. Emma recognized the dyed brown hair, now matted with blood.


Another flash of denial hit. Emma ran forward a few feet, the bag hitting her sides. However, she stopped once she got a closer look. Some part of her hoped that Tessa wasn’t dead, just injured. That she could be revived somehow. However, even from where she was standing, just some feet away, she could tell they were too late. Her skin had turned sickly gray with splotches. Flies huddled near a large wound near her neck.

Her heart started thumping. Emma slowly stepped back.

She usually wasn’t squeamish. Back in school she happily enjoyed dissection in Bio. Emma had seen all kinds of pictures and diagrams that went into detail about how the body worked. Being interested in first aid and medicine meant that she was familiar with all the ways a person could get sick, injured, or killed. Emma had read about ways the body decayed over time. She’d even seen a few autopsy images online. However, nothing could prepare you for seeing someone who once talked about drone attacks over Arizona, who once wanted to create light installations, reduced to essentially a piece of meat. Emma’s eyes squeezed tight.

She opened them again when she heard a muffled voice. Emma turned her head, to see that someone else was here. Someone who was alive. Kaitlyn Greene had a protein bar hanging from her mouth, and a pair of boots in her hands. A quick look back at Tessa told her where they came from. Emma looked back once Kaitlyn swallowed and continued talking.

Emma felt her fist clench. Kaitlyn… was acting weird, for lack of a better way of saying it. She had stepped closer to Mabes’, and said that she had dibs on her stuff. Yeah, her suspicions were correct. Graverobbing. Even if Kaitlyn said she wasn’t responsible and she’d share, there was still something slimy about taking someone’s things after they died, even if they didn’t need them anymore.

Right now, Emma had so many questions. But she settled on one.

“Kaitlyn,” she said. “Do… you know what happened here?”

A few more slow steps backwards.

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