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And people.


(Kaitlyn Greene continued from Elapsam bunch of stuff)

So Kaitlyn had no choice but to quickly stumble out of the back room in her sock feet, Tessa's boots in one hand and her gun in the other and the ass end of a ration bar still sticking out of her mouth. She stared at the group coming in. Multiple peoples. Even more shit. And the girl Kaitlyn deemed large and in charge by din of having a gun... well, had a gun. Even if she didn't look about ready to go shooting. Good. Kaitlyn raised her gun a but made sure to point it at anyone.

"Heymp," she said. She held up the hand with Tessa's boots in the universal 'hold on while I swallow what's in my maw so you can understand what I'm saying' motion. Or whatever. But those bars were nothing if not dense and it was gonna take a few seconds to finish. She should say something more substantial, but wasn't about to spit it out and lose those precious proteins.

Besides, Kaitlyn was getting used to these bars by now. They weren't that bad, people.

"Hmmrzd," she said. "Dead, yuh."

For sure she was. Mia had been a pretty nice body, all things considered. Mabes, not so much. Mia'd been a quiet thing on the floor of quiet library. Mabes was sitting in her chair in the middle of the pub like some really ill-conceived alternative centerpiece. Which, come to think of it, summed Mabes up perfectly. A bloody, paranoid, rambling, outta-nowhere hot mess who ran seething into every argument and blew her throat open in the what Kaitlyn guessed was the biggest fuck-you she could think up at the time.

Okay. Just a couple more chews and she swallowed the last lump whole. That felt better.

"I didn't kill her. Obviously."

It was kinda disappointing if that was all her libertarian-power cohort could do, though. Which was also totally Mabes. Kaitlyn had charged into the pub from the library just down the road and saw her sitting there, and was struck enough by the site that her first bout of giddyness didn't come round for minutes and was barely even a shudder.

Nah. Instead Kaitlyn just took those minutes and stared at the dead offbeat friend she had here and felt like pisswater. Kinda good, she thought. That she was feeling that way. Cause that's how you're supposed to feel.

But that time was over now and she had to move on to new feelings and new sensations, like the one Kaitlyn got when eyeing those awesome shitkicker boots that would be so much better than her Vans were. Hell, she was so entranced that she hadn't even gone though Tessa's bag yet. Guess she figured there'd be plenty of time to check out the place first.

Sadly, that guess was off-target. But this was all still a decent salvage. It was just Amanda Tan and friends, after all.

Kaitlyn walked a bit closer to Mabes' body. Gotta protect the turf.

"But yeah, I've called dibs on her stuff."


"I can share some with yas, though. Don't worry."

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