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That got Junko’s attention. Without even thinking about it, she tossed the bread back into the open bag and stood up. It happened so quickly, she felt almost like a jumpcut in real life. Straight from sitting on the ground eating bread, then, bam. Standing with a bat in her hand.

Junko took a deep breath, and looked at the source. The flashlight, still on and laying on the floor, had a moving shadow just in the edge of its beam. Someone was here. Someone was definitely here. Junko’s eyes narrowed. But within a heartbeat, she lifted the flashlight with her free hand, and flicked it off and on towards the shape.

“I see you, you know,” she called out.

Once again, she wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. There was a possibility that they had a gun or something. Maybe it was Isabel, or Nancy. She distinctly remembered that their names had come up on the announcements. In fact, it was Isabel, wasn’t it? The person who… well, killed Danny. Kimiko had gotten a few kills, too, which still seemed weird. Eh, maybe especially the part where she killed Bradley, too.

But, she did feel prepared for whatever this person had to offer. She still had the bat, which had served her loyally this entire time. Well, okay, she still had the chisel, too. And the hammer. She hadn’t figured out what to do with it after finding it inside Jasmine’s bag, so she didn’t throw it out. Maybe she should? Her bag was heavily enough. Anyways, that wasn’t as important as potential killer.

The energy continued to fizz inside her, only getting more and more unbearable now. Perhaps they would fight her, or perhaps she could steal more things from them. Again though, it didn’t seem like she needed anything right now, did she? Walk away? Was that another option? Didn’t feel like it.

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