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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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((Irene Djezari Continued From They Stumbled Into Faith And Thought))

Going back into the asylum made Irene uncomfortable. On top of the place being ripped from a bad horror movie and full of death, it was a stark reminder of her big failures. She'd left her friends behind to freak out and mope, and now...

She shook her head to try and get the thoughts out. Trav's question made her mind dart down another path and she chased it readily, anything to distract her from being a fuck up. Anything at all.

"Makes you think about how people treat each other doesn't it?"

The others were talking, but she'd latched onto the words so she was barely paying attention. A bad habit, especially here, but she couldn't help herself. 'cuz it did make her think. In fact she couldn't stop thinking about it. Now, the thoughts were spilling out in hushed tones from the back of the group.

"The killers...do you think they always wanted to hurt people?" She looked up at the three of them fervently for confirmation. The gears were spinning now, and she wanted to be right. Needed to be. "L-like, this whole thing, it's not making them is it? We're in it too, and we haven't hurt anybody, so they...they had to just be bad people?" Babbling out of nowhere wasn't a pretty look on anybody, but she couldn't help herself. It'd been rattling around her head, and now that it'd been stirred up again. This whole thing was crazy and didn't make any sense, but if they were just bad, if they weren't people, they were just them as opposed to us, it could all align again. It could all be okay.

If they were just bad people, she could hurt them to protect her friends, and she didn't have to think about it any further than that.
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