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Clarice heard movement, and turned her head to see Jennifer approaching the gun on the ground. Not picking it up, not quite, but… close enough to make Clarice nervous, enough to make her see Conrad picking up Harold’s sword.

“We don’t need to be like that!” Clarice snapped. “We’re all gonna be fucking civilized, alright? All of us!”

At Kimiko’s signs, Clarice had to stop. She looked at Kimiko, then looked away. Gnawing on the inside of her cheek as she considered it. She might have stopped to consider it longer, but then Kizi moved out from cover to offer Kimiko a tissue.

“Wait,” Clarice muttered.

She reached out a little to stop Kizi from moving forward. Then she turned all her attention on Kimiko.

“Look… Kimiko…” Clarice trailed off a moment before taking a deep breath. “Look, I… I appreciate that. That you wanted to help me, that’s… yeah. I mean, I’m thankful. Thankful as I can be in these circumstances, anyway.”

Maybe it meant that, despite what Kimiko had done, there was still something left of her old friend in there. But then there was the fact of… well, what she’d done.

“But… being angry? Being scared? Fuck, that doesn’t excuse anything. I’ve been angry and scared since I woke up, and I haven’t stabbed anyone. Jesus, I know Bradley was an irritating shitstain, but...”

Clarice glanced at Kizi, then at the tissue she was holding in her hand. Clarice lightly tugged the tissue out of Kizi’s hand before taking a step forward. She made a motion for Kizi and the others to stay back.

“There’s three multi-killers on this island. And I haven’t had good run-ins with the other two. So I can’t just… blind trust has already lost me too much.”

Another step forward, as cautious as if she was approaching a wild animal. Clarice held out the tissue to Kimiko with her good hand.

“But you know what? We’re going to be fucking civil. And even if I don’t trust you, I’m not gonna hurt you. Because that’s what those jackasses want, and I’m not playing their fucking game. Alright?”
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