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Oh Brendan, what have you done?

All this time, she thought he did something right. That he protected someone worthy of living, but he saved a killer and killed an innocent.

She regretted being so mean to Michael. Doing that feint and all of that, he didn't deserve it. Especially after losing a friend and a finger. He must have had pretty horrible days like everyone else but he had it especially worse than Dot and Asha.

The subject of her internal discussion started to revolve around Brendan again, making Michael disappear behind a blur. Brendan was always like that, volatile and emotional. He always tried his best to help people but sometimes a little too much.

She wondered if she could trust him. What if he thought Min or Asha were a threat to her and would just kill them with whatever new toy he got. Chances are, it was something else than a stick and more something like a gun or grenades or something that hurts a lot.

She decided on giving Brendan one last chance. If he did anything else along the line I stabbing someone in the back, she'd avoid him until... he's dead?

Makes sense, if it was the thing that Asha and Dot had to do to get out of here, she'd do it. If it came down to the last two, she wouldn't know what to do. Kill herself sounds not fun and seeing Asha dying doesn't sound fun either.

She hoped she would die before Asha. She also hoped that she could hug Asha some more and get to spend more time with her.

She walked toward the duo at the pews and carefully sat beside them. She raised her knees to her chest and hugged her legs. She sighed.

"Why do we always run into psychos?"
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