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((gonna break post order here; sorry Rugga))

Everything had erupted around Jeremy.

Well no, it hadn’t. He couldn’t say that. Everything was fine. Nobody in this room was fighting. Nobody in this room was killing. To the cameras, to the people watching in, everything seemed normal. But it wasn’t. That was what Jeremy was trying to get at. The appearance of Alex in the corridor outside had changed everything. Revealed everything. Jeremy was a liar. Jeremy was allied with a killer. There was a killer in the corridor with three - he shook his head - two innocents. Nothing good was going to come out of this. It was going to be like Lily, like Michael again. Someone was going to get hurt. Maybe killed, he didn’t know. There was going to be blood on the floor, that was the constant. That was what was going to happen here.

Well no, he could do something, but what? What could he do to somehow make the situation normal again? They were on an island. He had been caught as a liar. Someone who cut up a girl during the first day was standing here with the free of them.

His body tensed. His mind froze up. There was nothing he could do, there was nothing he could think of and everything under the surface was going to rise up and bubble and burst.

Voices. All around him. A casual goodbye. The disappearance of the latter two.

Shouting. Anger. His ally. Angry. Storming.

The slamming of the door brought him back. He was alone. Where was everyone? The latter two had left, that was right, but where was Alex?

He looked around. Hand on his gun, eyes looking for the shape he’d kept in them for the past day.

...Chair room. That had to be it. He must have gone back to base, or something. He stepped forward, opening the door.

The familiar shape laid in front of him. Looking down. At the floor. Away from the cameras.

There was a glimpse. A spark. A familiar feeling that he was seeing right now.

“You okay?”

Jeremy knew he wasn’t, but really, was there anything else he could have said?
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