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The dumbest thing she'd done since Alan left was crawl over to Mia again. You know, to make sure. And Kaitlyn mentally cursed herself for doing it, because it was stupid, she knew it was stupid, and there she was still looking down, staring at Mia's dead face and telling it to get up you asshole, you're not really fucking dead here, right?

But no. Of course Mia was still dead. She looked OK, all things considered. Her mouth was a bit open and that was unnerving, but other than that, not bad. Just not good enough to fool Kaitlyn or anyone else. So she was dead and maybe Kaitlyn was fucked now, so she sat cross-legged next to the body and thought.

You know, if the zombies were real and not just the obvious metaphor Kaitlyn was using to describe her situation, this would've been a hell of a time for Mia to rise up behind her.

Kaitlyn flicked her eyes over at the girl, then grabbed both bags and dragged them over to the armchair she'd been sitting in before this whole shitstorm started. Yeah, better. More comfortable than dragging her ass along the floor, too. She settled in. Christ, it was so comfortable she could almost fall asleep here and...

Kaitlyn shook her head. Jesus, what the hell? Was the rush already dying off to the point where she was about to fall asleep? That... that was fucked. She raised one shaky hand and gently slapped her cheek a few times, then reached into her own bag and brought out a bottle of water, gulping down almost half of it. OK. Clearer.

Now go through this one at a time.

Speaking of water, Kaitlyn started with the bags. She transferred the rest of Mia's supplies over to her own, including the ammunition clips, and at least tried to avoid grinning when she saw them. That was good. Mia's personal stuff... less good, and Kaitlyn was feeling too icky to go through them outside of a bag of sour jujubes she grabbed and tore open immediately. Oh fuck yes, that helped with the ickiness. But she wasn't, couldn't really... OK she didn't give a shit about the whole ghoulish aspect of stealing from the dead but that didn't mean she couldn't have at least some respect for the girl by not poring through the rest of her stuff, right. Yeah.

Besides, what else was there to take? Mia wasn't close to her size and what else, was she gonna go through the girl's makeup or wallet or some shit?

She tossed the bags back down and chewed on some delicious jujubes and drank water for a few more minutes to kill time until she had to really think about this again. And when she got to that point she was about to just get up and wander the library to kill more time when she clenched her jaw and said no, she was doing this now. Think now, wander after.

Uggggg. This. Was. Fucked.

Not if she came up with something.

So anyway, Mia had gone nuts. Attacked her. Tried... tried to kill her, oh my god. The only way Kaitlyn could defend herself was to fight back and inject Mia with tranquilizer. Because... because she'd only wanted to knock her out. Kaitlyn was such a great person that she didn't even want to kill Mia after Mia'd gone crazy and murderous.

No, that sucked. Not only did it depend on someone actually believing Mia was a killer but someone's trying to kill you how the hell do you fill a syringe and inject someone in a fight for your life? No.

So, holy shit, Alan. He was completely crazy, that brute. What a bastard. He'd.... he'd forced her to. Uh... held them at gunpoint and forced Kaitlyn to inject Mia for his own sadistic pleasure. And then... she'd gotten his gun?

That was even worse. She wasn't even gonna dignify that attempt by bothering to point out the fucking plot holes there. But.

But Mia, she couldn't take it anymore. You know the situation, it's fucked. Mia broke down. She wanted to opt out. Kaitlyn understood. But Mia... she just couldn't go through with it on her own. She got the syringe but her hands were like shaking and stuff. She begged her. Begged Kaitlyn to help her. And Kaitlyn didn't want to, but... what are friends for, right?

That was better. Maybe. She still didn't like it much. But it might be the best of a bunch of shitty situations unless she could think up something better by the time the announcements went out.

Or even.

Kaitlyn cleared her throat. She looked around at the nearest camera. Ceiling, to her left. Yeah, staring down at her and blinking dumbly. Should she get up and like, present herself in front of it? No, sit down. Maybe make this seem casual. Especially since she still wasn't sure what exactly she was gonna say or how.

"So uh, hey terrorists. You guys.... yeah. I haven't really talked to you or anything. You probably get all these kids screaming things at you, so... maybe we make a deal instead?

"I mean, how about you guys, on the announcements, you leave me out of it? I don't really need that kill award cause I've got a gun and all. So you just say that Mia... she y'know, killed herself. You say that, and I'm like... I'm under the rader. You see? Wouldn't that be cool?"

She turned away from the camera and blinked. Hey. Maybe. You know what? No harm in fucking trying.

"Because hey, I'm serious about this idea! I mean, if I'm not on the announcements, doesn't that make it easier for me to, uh, gain trust and stuff? I could... I could maybe take out a w-whole bunch of people that way? Wouldn't that be something totally unique?

"So uh, think about it! Really, I can make it-- I can make it worth it to you!"

End. And ass. Not her best bluff.

Another poker reference. Double ass.

She sat there for a while longer.

By the time she left, dragging Mia outside because it didn't feel 100% right to leave it sitting there, it had definitely turned to afternoon and it was kinda looking like rain soon. Dammit. Was it considered worse, respect-wise, to leave someone outside in the rain? Nah. The rain would be good. Part of nature, like death was, really.

Kaitlyn pulled Mia over to what might have been a garden or at least some manicured bushes alongside the library wall, and left her there. Wasn't really concealed or anything, but at least gave her more privacy than sitting in the middle of the library. She half-heartedly tried to kick some dirt on it, but the ground wasn't offering much give and she sure as sour jujubes wasn't about to dig a grave here. Then, striding back to the entrance, she picked up her bag.

It was fuller, for sure, but her weight as a whole was lighter because she'd finally had to give up the shield. She was annoyed at how stupidly wistful that made her feel, like she was losing an old friend, but whatever. Besides, she could probably come back if she really wanted it later on. It'd been stashed in a storage closet and even if someone came across it, how likely would it be that they'd want to lug it around the island? Besides that, Mia's stuff, and the gun, which she had to at least get some practice in with soon, the only other stuff she'd grabbed had been two books from the library. Not that she'd ever been a big reader, but she remembered Peter Pan as a kid and liked it, even though it was like a hundred years old or something. Maybe she'd get in some flashlight reading during the night and feel like she was back home at age 10. Yeah. That made her smile.

So, step one of planning done. Step two?

Maybe she'd decide how the hell step two worked once she got away from here.

(Kaitlyn Greene continued in The Greatest Sideshow on Earth)

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