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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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Scout heard the voice. Her back was to her though, so she did not get a look at her face. She assumed it was a 'her'. Scout did not turn around. She did not even acknowledge the voice. Scout stared ahead.

Eventually she heard footsteps. Whoever that was, they were gone.

A voice in her head told her that was a stupid move. Should have at least turned around to make sure they weren't creeping up on her. Of course that was all in hindsight. She could question every decision she made during her time on the island and it would not make a damn bit of difference. She told herself that. Middle of the night, two trains chugging past one another

But deep down she knew she could have killed her. Leapt to her feet and tore her throat open with her saw.

Nancy Kyle. Isabel Ramirez. Kimiko Kao.

The question was, would she have done it? Killed someone she did not know back home, someone Scout had no inclination to know back home?

As the footsteps faded and everything fell silent, Scout made a decision.

Nancy Kyle. Isabel Ramirez. Kimiko Kao.

Scout sat up. She rose from the chair, grabbed it by one of its arms, and walked towards the front door. Then she wedged the chair under the door knob.


To think, she thought the weather was getting better.

The reflection of the moon turned the clouds a static gray. It gave enough light to break through The rain was churlish, had been since high noon. The sound of raindrops thunking against the cabin roof buzzed in Scout's ears. They were so loud she wondered if the rain had turned to hail at some point. She had no intention to confirm that notion; the curtains were drawn, what few curtains there were. The chair was back under the doorknob. It was just Scout and the sounds of rain and the active fireplace.

Scout made the smart decision of gathering firewood. By 'firewood', she gathered a baker's dozen of low-hanging tree limbs. Small enough (or dead enough) for Scout to snap, big enough to keep the fire going. The bonesaw wasn't going to be sharp enough to cut logs, and even if it was, Scout did not intend to risk it. She needed the thing to be sharp. Turns out she didn't need a saw after all. Plenty of dead trees to keep the fire going well into the night.

It was pure logic. The past two nights were cold. Scout did not mind the cold, but the cabin had a fire place. Something in the pit of her stomach told her she should make use of it. Turned out to a better idea than she anticipated. The rain came out of nowhere as she was making her way back to the cabin. Scout did not mind the rain either, just not when she was stuck in it.

Scout sat on the tigerskin rug, cocooned in the emergency blanket from her dufflebag. There were bedrooms, yeah, but she did not feel like getting up. She was letting her jacket and boots dry out. The rain hit her jacket pretty hard. Thing was sopping wet by the time she got back in.

As the fire blazed, Scout's mind returned to the names she had been so preoccupied with. Nancy Kyle. Isabel Ramirez. Kimiko Kao. Spent the whole day remembering them, phonetically. Her spelling might have been off. Whatever. Scout really did not want to think about it, about those names, but she could not help it. She could not keep running and hiding and letting little rats like Alvaro Vacanti scurry away.

Under the blanket, Scout hugged her knees to her chest. With the sounds of rain and fire drowning out everything else, there was an air of repose Strange situation she found herself in. Less barbaric, more homely. Scout did not intend to get used to it.
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