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A casual observer would have remarked that the discussion was civil. Even Olivia herself, maybe, though it was also distantly possible she knew better. She saw the look, and saw the meaning of that look. Something quite easily read! For how unpleasant a read it was.

Still, he held his tongue. They'd go on uninterrupted, this time.

Or. Not.

Latanna smiled sympathetically when he glanced up, she could turn the page on his face into the embarrassment. There was no need to make anything more of it. But Latanna was annoyed, no mistake about it. Her phone was off, stowed away. Disciplined fighter, that Kanuho, but even his slight error had cost them. Concentration, like any other resource like political capital, was to be spent shrewdly. Latanna already felt something of an ebb in the riptide that had carried the words of their shared History teacher to the fore. Less clear, less whetted. How annoying.

"Of course. We can arrange a meetup to edit, later on. Kindly keep your phone on for me." There was an obvious barb somewhere in there, but Latanna abandoned it to be prudent. Her target was already fleeing her crosshairs anyways. "I'll send a message later."

"And hey, let me know if you change your minds on the whole dance thing."

It seemed Kanuho, instead, took the last word for himself. Ah. She'd given an inch and been beaten back a mile, but she was quite willing to let him have that. It was a fine proposal, food for thought as their congress took recess. Before the back-and-forth would inevitably return. Whatever, whenever. She'd savor anything, she had the mentality for it. All just an exercise. Like here and now. Something to munch on while she and Olivia continued what was left of their work, with hopefully no lost momentum for Kanuho's departure.

Latanna's page turning did briefly stall.

"He seemed to assume that we were outright not going," Latanna remarked dryly. She looked up from her book, searching her friend carefully for a response.
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