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There it was: the sound of the door opening. Suddenly he couldn’t breathe anymore, frozen as he listened to the footsteps moving about the room, Alvaro searching for him and ready to finish him off. Everything started spinning, and if he weren't in such a state he might've supposed that this must’ve been what passing out felt like.

Asuka’s yell as she banged her foot broke Nate out of his panic, though. At first he had to race his hands to cover his mouth, to stop him from screaming out, but quickly he realised that it was a girl’s voice he’d heard, not Alvaro’s.

He started to breathe, but still in rapid, short breaths. What did he do now? What if this person wanted to hurt him, just like Alvaro did, and (he was starting to believe) a lot of other people wanted to as well? What if it didn’t matter that it wasn't Alvaro who'd found him, that if this girl found him behind the boxes she’d be the one to put a bullet in his brain instead?

In spite of his terror, though he was still drawn to the new arrival, wanting to know who it was. As carefully as he could, moving slowly so as not to trip on his own unsteady hands, he peeked around the corner of the box and saw who he saw.

Some Asian girl, not someone he knew. Not in any of his classes, he didn’t think, but he could’ve been wrong. Definitely not in any of his clubs.

Definitely a stranger.

Would it have been better to have stayed hidden? Probably. Then again, she might’ve been nice, and not out to kill everyone. He could really do with meeting someone like that right now: someone to talk to and get a bit of consolation from. Someone who could maybe convince him that he wasn’t a complete coward who’d left his friends for dead.

She looked pretty small, too, so she probably wasn’t about to try and beat him up or something. Of course, Alvaro was small, but he also had a gun. This girl didn’t look like she had a gun, and that was good enough for Nate. The thought that she might’ve been concealing one had yet to cross his mind.

He had to take this chance: he needed that friendly face right now. Getting up, he revealed himself from behind the boxes, still a jumble of nerves and shakes.

“Hi.” he said, almost in a whisper as his voice caught in his throat. “Are...are you…”

He was trying, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask if she was about to kill him.
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