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So they ended, their pleasant little confrontations; three-against-one repeated threefold. Asha hated to pick sides, but she loved the side that she had picked. All in all, it could have ended it a lot worse. Nobody got hurt, and everyone would live with that. She stood vigil by the door for a few moments more after Michael blustered one last time and slammed the door shut behind him, making sure he didn't change his mind; or that Iz had gotten the memo that the chapel was a happening place to be after all.

After about a minute, she called it good. Exhaled. Walked over to Dot, casually dropped the taser back in her bag. Said "Good work, Dot," as she hugged her tightly; making sure she held on long enough so they both got a healthy dose of happy endorphins and forget about all the people who had just almost died.

Then she made her way over to Jae, seating herself back on the edge of one of the pews. "So. Good morning!" She said brightly, flashing an apologetic smile. Not for her actions, but for the worry she had caused him. "I'd hug you, too, but I don't wanna hurt you. So just, like, lemme know if you're good for hugging? You look like you need one." They finally had enough peace and quiet to reflect on the terrible things that had happened to them all. Not fun, but acceptance was an important part of grieving.
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