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(Hannah Kendrickstone continued from The List of Adrian Messenger.)

Hannah hadn't seen anyone since she'd run away from the cabin. Part of her was wondering if she'd really been in danger back at the hunting cabin. Sure the junior had that saw, but Irene had Johnny Three and it's not like she would ever hurt anyone. The other part of her was sure that she almost definitely right to have run away. For sure. Hannah had her weapon out now, even if it was awkward to hold.

She looked up at the sky and saw what looked like dark clouds near the edge of the horizon. She pulled her scarf across her face, covering the bottom half. Hannah liked to wear it that way, and it could protect her face if it started to rain. She absently tapped the bill of her baseball cap. That could help too.

She saw a big blocky building nearby. It could be shelter if the rain she thought could happen did. She felt her foot curl a bit painfully in her shoe. Maybe she had another reason to seek shelter.

She opened the door to the entryway and stepped inside. She started to think it looked really dark inside when the door clanged shut loudly behind her.
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