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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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The embers went out and the first crackling flames disappeared just like that. Danny was really just a version of him that didn't work out as much, wasn't he? Crisanto was stronger and ate cleaner and his breath came easier but they looked at the world with the same eyes more often than not. He couldn't feed that anger when effectively staring into a mirror, and how many Luzes really admitted Danny shared some of their blood anyway? No wonder the man shut himself in his cave so often.

"Guess so. I don't think it's weird to wonder that."

He said nothing more and instead just nodded vacantly. He instead stared at his hand drumming an aimless little beat on the armrest of Tina's chair. Had she felt used? Like he only talked to her because she knew where to get the stuff that made him feel human? He wasn't always a good cousin and doubted he was always a good big brother.

Good cousins, good big brothers, didn't leave their relatives to die alone and afraid on some island where they'd never be found. They didn't let flesh and blood feel as if they had nothing to offer the world. And yet as often as not he would just sit there, listen if Tina felt like telling her worries, not push if she didn't, and do nothing to break her out of those thoughts he of anyone should know most of all were poison.

Thousands of miles away a hundred could-have-beens were vanishing never to be known and the weight of what could be or should be pinned Crisanto in place. What could be said in the face of that? What was worth saying?

He sat there feeling the same pain.
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