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Something got her attention.

Jennifer snapped her head up as she saw someone else approach. It took a moment for her to process the information. Her brain was still sluggish from lack of caffeine and exhaustion. However, a moment was enough.

It looked like a girl covered in blood. Jennifer’s heart began to pound, this time not from exertion.

Everyone else confirmed who she was. Kimiko Kao. It wasn’t like Jennifer didn’t know who she was, though. Years of working on the school newspaper, of doing articles on the sports teams, meant that she was well acquainted with the fact that Kimiko was part of the basketball and gymnastics team. She was unable to speak, but was the gymnastics captain. And, most importantly… she was a killer. The names went by too fast, but she knew that Kimiko had come up. They even gave her a prize.

The blood was fresh.

Too fresh.

Jennifer’s eyes snapped around her. Bart was terrified. Kiziah was nervous. Clarice just let out a flat curse and tried to hide Kiziah behind her. Could they hide behind the truck, the crates? Could they run for it? Run the other way Anything, everything, to hide, run, escape. Anything.

And that’s when Jennifer saw it. Kiziah’s gun.

Her heartrate got faster when she saw it just lying on the ground just at Bart’s feet. A weapon laying in plain sight, where someone, anyone could grab it. Kimiko could’ve easily just picked it up and shot them, just like that, if Bart had moved. Even if she didn’t attack them, she could still use it on other people.

Jennifer’s head flicked towards the rest of the group for a second. She had to think fast.

She stepped forward, her heart still pounding in her ears. Jennifer stopped just in front of the gun. She looked to see that Bart was still standing nearby, just in case. Her vision blurred, and it felt a bit like watching something in a movie. But she felt herself stand with legs apart, her posture slouched like a wild animal about to strike.

“What do you want, Kimiko?” she snapped.

A split second told her that wasn’t the best idea. Kimiko couldn’t respond, for starters. But, also… she had a sword. That meant any bad decisions she made here, could mean her death.

Another look at Bart. If he grabbed the gun and kept it out of her reach, that would make things better. If he couldn’t, she could. No matter what, though, Kimiko could not have it. That was final.

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