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escaping the real world to face reality
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Well. Here we are.

Time to add another layer of hell, because the previous one just wasn't doing the trick. She's going down the rabbit hole. Lose your mind and never come back. It was gonna be one of those experiences. You go in, hallucinate for a while, and then when you come out everything is all strange and glittery and unbearably light.

Asuka was walking slowly, now. Trying to infuse the scene with some psychological horror. Hopefully nobody ax-crazy comes in to ruin it all. Let's see. Floor plan? Floor plan. Basement? Lobotomy lab? You know where Asuka's going.

It was even better than what she expected.

So you spend some time in this room. Preparation and all, for whatever it is that comes next. Asuka's training. That's what she's doing.

Asuka kicked a chair leg. She yelped. Fuck, how jumpy was she?

Not enough. She hadn't really sold that yelp. And, like, if this place was getting to her, and it definitely should, she should be jumpy as fuck, right?

dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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