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((Travis Lynch continued from They Stumbled Into Faith and Thought))

If the wards were anything, it was creepy. That was snap judgement Trav had made upon entering them and after spending a little while in them his opinion was unchanged. They were just empty rooms, ok so empty was incorrect. Some of them had personal effects in and that made it even creepier. People who were "insane", finger quotes mandatory, had been kept in the rooms. Judging from the way they had been laid out the person who had been in the room they were currently squatting in was basically normal. There was nothing Trav could see that indicated they had been deserving of being trapped on the island and in the tiny room they had to live in. He looked at the picture he had found once more. A group of three smiling people, two men and one woman. There were a lot of different permutations to which of them, if any, had ended up in the asylum and what their relationship to each other was. He had been trying to think through all of them but the amount of possibilities messed with his head. He was certain one of the three had ended up in the same room he was in now however.

Placing the picture face-down on the floor Trav looked over at Cass, they were still together and still out of trouble. It must have been a minor miracle. The worst thing they had encountered was the corpse of Jane. Still no sign of Noodle though. It was making doubt start to gnaw away at him and ugly questions were starting to emerge from the darkest parts of his mind to come to the forefront.

What if she's in trouble? What if she's hurt? What if she's dead and you just don't know yet?

As uninvited as they were the messages they gave him were important; until the next announcement happened he had no idea of what Noodle's status was. He helped keep in focus, but he didn't want to dwell on them. It was something to consider but he would drive himself mad if that was all he thought about.

Cass seemed to be doing fine which was good. If Noodle was No.1 priority, Cass had become a close No.2. He knew that when push came to shove he'd defend them.

Trav decided to break the silence. It was becoming suffocating.

"Makes you think about how people treat each other doesn't it?"

Really philosophy? That was the icebreaker he'd gone with?
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