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Time and time again, it felt like Bryony was taking one tentative step forwards, then two steps backwards.

She stood there, dumbly holding the two food bars in her clenched fist, too stunned at the sudden departure of Henry and the other girl to even move, let alone try and convince them to stay. Why were they leaving? Neither of them had given a particularly good reason for doing so; Henry had ignored Bridgette’s question just to tell them that he had to leave.

And even though she had only learned Henry’s name just now, even though she didn’t know a single thing about the other girl who had left with a plank of wood, even though neither of them were friends or even close to being acquaintances, she couldn’t help but feel selfish and awful that the only reason she was sad they were leaving was because she’d been hoping they would be able to get more food for her. She had slightly bolstered her rations, true, but she couldn’t even feel good about it; she’d heard the oh-so clear sound of hunger from the strange girl. Was she struggling for food just as much as Bryony was? Had she only given this meagre scrap of food away because Bryony had been self-centred enough to garner pity points when everyone on the island was in just as much shit?

Bryony sniffled, and blinked back the first signs of tears. It was always so tempting to stop trying, to just lie down, break down, and give up. It would be easy. As simple as just falling asleep. But she couldn’t do that just yet. The constant cycle of abuse her own mind threw at her was nothing new; just exacerbated further now that she was trapped on the island. She could fight through it. She still had to find Alba at least.

She unzipped her bag, shoving the two food bars in, before turning to look at Bridgette. She’d barely acknowledged the other girl, the most familiar of the three who’d been standing at the docks, up until now, and she fought through the pang of regret to address her now.

“Um… How are you… How are you holding up?”


"bryony and alba would definitely join the terrorists quote me on this put this quote in signatures put it in history books" - Cicada Days, 2017
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