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Darius stood up. Oh, well. Then he was not going to tie Lili's shoes together for the lulz. Well, she probably would have not received it well. Perhaps she would have and Darius would have brought good mood in this bizarre situation where they carried a corpse. He'll never know.

Natalie was joining the group, which was cool. One more member. One more person to help. Though, Darius seriously doubted that she would be able to carry Jasmine's corpse. She seemed weak and he did not want vomit on his corpse. Wait, that sounds weird.

So Darius looked at the direction where the bridge would end, not looking back to see a girl standing there. Just forward, to the pub, to the radio tower, to freedom. The Pub was perfect. It was near the Radio Tower, he could dump Jasmine there. He went to the corpse to carry it again.

"Yeah, the pub is a good location."

Please let there be drinks.

"Let's go."

((Darius Van Dyke continued in ONE MILLION TROOPS))
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