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Well, that's one way of turning the conversation around. In the span of a second, Darius went from berating the blurry-faced girl to inviting her to join them. Confusing. Everything had gotten confusing so fast, moving faster than the clouds above her head, the same ones that weren't moving at all. Strange.

Even stranger, the invitation that Darius extended was an invitation that the girl decided to accept. Dramatic self-importance aside, if she was an ally, there'd have to be a name to go to her face. That could wait, though. There were words, coming out of people's mouths, mouths trapped in the static of slippery circumstance, that she had to say things back to.

Dizzy. She felt dizzy.

"There was a pub on the map, wasn't there?" Lili asked, straining her memory, "I don't know if they'd have any left over food, but it's worth a shot."

Lili turned back around to the corpse. Still there. She went to take it by the hand, but stopped midway. There was a new shape, somewhere in the distance. Was it new, or was it just something that she hadn't yet noticed that was there all along? The shape was too far away to be anything other than a smudge on her vision, so as far as she concerned, it wasn't worth paying too much mind to. Her main concern was picking up the sack of stilled meat that had once been a person, slumped before her. Interlacing her fingers with that of the body, Lili turned back around and dragged her over to her other two companions.

"I'm all set," Lili said, ignoring the headache and longings still throbbing through her skull, "and I think I'm fine on the shoe front, but thanks for offering." Su's shoes were not to be touched by someone as slippery as Darius, not yet, not ever. Lili would rather throw them into the sea. Disproportionate? Probably. Appropriate? No. The shoes, however, meant something to Lili, even more so than anything else she had with her. They could take her food, her weapon, her own toy light saber, but never the shoes.

Too important.

Lili was losing both focus and interest in what was going on around her, so she turned her gaze to the sea. Having something far away to look at, far away and moving just a little, eased her headache slightly. At the very least, she felt tranquil, like she had on the morning of the previous day.

Before she carried the weight of one - no, two - dead people with her.
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