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Natalie straightened up.

Did she just hear them right? They're willing to let her join up? There was a bit of conflict in her head. On one hand, they were carrying the corpse of someone she knew... Albeit only for a few minutes.

But at the same time, safety in numbers right?

There's more chances of her dying alone, right?

She remembered her breathing practices. This is how she gets by when she feels a bit nervous. She's always been good with handling things, and this shouldn't be any different.

Don't think of it as life or death, just think of it as going to the next objective.

The next objective now has been achieved, find safety in numbers.

The next objective... food and shelter.

"Alright... So, if you guys are cool with it, I'm sticking with. Where to? Any place we can get some food maybe? That'd be good, don't you think?" she said, each word slowly rebuilding her confidence... Though still not enough to stand next to the corpse.
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