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((Toby continued from You Gave Up Being Good))

Having Jerry around made it difficult to concentrate. He had a tendency to chatter, disrupting Toby's train of thought. It was already difficult enough to stay focused in this situation, with limited food and rest. Any distractions were amplified threefold, and Jerry made for one hell of a distraction.

And yet, there was a slight comfort in not being by herself. Toby didn't like Jerry - he was all ego and full of hot air, but, as she'd considered when first encountering him, she knew him. Knew him well enough to establish a strange sort of trust. In that he could be trusted to be Jerry. So, as long as she kept in mind that he was Jerry (and she was hardly likely to forget), she would be well aware of what to, and what not to expect.

Sensible conversation was on the 'not' list.

Thusfar she hadn't bitten his head off. There was too much at stake to get into stupid arguments - there'd been too much at stake when her biggest concern was homework and the kids to waste time with squabbling with Jerry.

"Heard the bell. Didn't think much of it. Knew it wasn't Trav."

Because Trav wasn't stupid, and drawing attention like that was stupid.


Matt Moradi, fellow academic. Sort of.

"Oh shut up," she answered, irritated. "Noone's shooting anyone here."
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