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Silence reigned with an iron lockjaw. The girl tried to drag herself up. Failed. Somehow, Ben found that familiar.


Also familiar. She wasn't okay. Ben should have seen that coming. Why the fuck had he even wasted the breath on asking? He watched her examine her smeared, molten face in a mirror. Bold of her. Even a mirror was too much of himself to handle, there and then. More silence, more fucking silence. Ben's head was empty white noise and static. His head was a quiet morning's in his Mom's SUV, with the radio off and everyone busy with their own brooding thoughts. Peaceful. Like the eye of the storm.

And then the argument would break out, and Lana would start crying.

She'd asked a question. He hadn't even thought to respond until he was already seated. He was on autopilot. Without an actual destination. What was he supposed to say in response to that? Maybe the obvious? No, he didn't want to kill. Not her, not anyone. His damn intentions had been to save people. To fight the good fight. To march against an unbeatable evil. To go down with fists swinging and guns blazing. To be a man. That had been what he'd come here for.


All he could answer with was 'no'. "No, it's not like that." Empty verbiage. That's what he'd really come here for. Something weak and powerless and pointless, like everything else he'd done.


Silence. Loud, blaring numbness, like the rest of his blood and air deflated arm.

"Sorry. I've gone through a lot just in the last two days." That tremble in her voice said everything she hadn't actually said. Ben remained mute. He tried to nod, but the gesture faded away before the abandoned ruins of his neck had even begun to creak.

"I-If you don't mind me asking..."


"What's your name?"

"Ben Fields."

And before he could stop himself, the radio silence broke.

"What happened? You killed someone? Lost someone?" Her face reminded Ben of something. Crusty paste of dried tears, makeup running through yonder fields. Normally when a girl cried Ben would do something to stop it. Fix it. But he'd already failed to stop or fix anything else on this damn island. Same with this. He could only just watch her. Out of the corner of his eye. Mostly, he stared at the floor.
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