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Penelope was stirred out of her thoughts by the door to her cell opening.

She stole a glance at the face of the boy who opened it before he spoke. He looked young, barely taller than her. Stood up very straight, dressed generically. Probably one of the nicer sporty types from the senior class. She knew pretty much everyone in her year, and she knew how the various cliques presented themselves. He obviously wasn't a threat, given his concern for her well being.

Penelope slowly hoisted herself up off the floor, before returning to the fetal position with her arms wrapped around her knees, back against the wall. She answered simply. "No."

Silence echoed through the corridors of the solitary confinement ward as the two of them parsed what to say. Penelope reached down into her bag and pulled out the small makeup mirror she had brought with her on the trip, left behind by the terrorists. The extra light coming in from the open door let her easily see herself in it. Her mascara was entirely ruined at this point from all the crying she had done, marking her face with wide tear stains running all the way down her cheeks. A fitting look, given her current mood and desires.

Penelope halfheartedly dropped the mirror back into her bag before looking back up at the boy that was standing in the doorway. "So..."

"Are you here to kill me?" She asked. "Or are you about to tell me you killed someone? Or intend to? Or..." She stopped, catching herself from going on.

She didn't know this boy, and the fact that he hadn't attacked her when she was vulnerable was at least a sign that even if he had killed someone he's probably not intent on doing it again.

"I'm... sorry. I've gone through a lot just in the last two days." Her voice wavered. If she had the ability to cry any more than she already had, she would be crying right now too.

"I-If you don't mind me asking... what's... what's your name?"
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