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Henry watched as the girl ran off. She seemed uncomfortable somehow, yet with great purpose.

With a shake of his head, he closed up his bag and started walking away from the girls. He was here for something. Well not really. He was doomed, anyway, so it wasn't like it mattered. But he couldn't go telling himself that. That made people sad, and Henry didn't like people to be sad. Well not real people; in horror, sad was common. But in real life, it was a painful necessity.

Henry battled sadness his whole life. He put on a happy smile and did things to make himself and other people happy. And it worked! He was a happy person, and hopefully people around him were happy too. And now, in this dark and unpleasant time, people needed, nay, deserved any happiness he could get. And, and this was important, he needed to find Jae.

So he turned back, offered a grin, and told the two girls, "I must go. My friend needs me." He saluted them, though he might never see them again.

And he was off.

((Henry Spencer continued in I Will Find you, When All the Stars Align))
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