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Of everything, the most surprising fact he discovered was that the girl's corpse didn't dominate his thoughts. As the conversation had dragged relentlessly on, he found it easier and easier to focus on what the others were saying in response to him. All he had to do was passively absorb that information. Plus, as his turn arrived, the deathstink's terrifying power weakened... and weakened... and weakened. Quickly, he reached a point where he could almost ignore its presence.

He couldn't help but feel somewhat afraid. Becoming inured to death had an unshakable air of dark psychopathy around it. Could this be the first stage of whatever madnesses claimed people in the game? No, best to dismiss such thoughts now. While it could still be helped.

The cool detachment with which he regarded his own mental state was disturbing in its own right. Again, dismiss that entire line of thought, shunt it elsewhere. Focus on everyone else. Everyone else was leaving. So for now, follow. Important matters could be discussed later.

((Wade Cartwright continued in No One Gets Left Behind.))
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