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Michael slowly craned his neck behind him. Isabel's the one who left that body by Alex and his Droog isn't she? He barely caught a glimpse of it as he laid there, the pain in his hand wouldn't let him focus. But he saw enough. The face of it alone would have been enough to make him nauseous, had he not had other things to focus on. He prepared to turn and swing on her, and use the confusion to fuck off.

When he turned around, however, he realized she wasn't there. The 'omg look behind you' trick. Easiest fucking trick in the world...

Clever Girl...

He turned back around to realize Asha had moved to the little screaming raptor's side. Jae had the clearest of shots he'd need. Well shit... This day keeps getting worse and worse. What exactly had he done to deserve this shit, he couldn't even find anyone who wasn't some stick up the ass holier than thou, psychopathic killer, or sneaky ass coward. He hoped Jon was doing okay... Maybe he got the luck?

Here they were, turning his phrases against him, like he feared some taser. Really? He had his own, and he was sure his felt worse after testing it on himself. Yeah... Right. You hit me and I'll simply hurt, I hit you...

He looked at his axe. If it weren't instantaneous, they'd bleed out in pain later on anyways. That gave him some confidence, if he had to flip the table when he started losing.

Jae wasn't saying shit. Figured that meant he was as good as dead. Staring right at him. That was the first time he'd looked him in the eyes since he got here. Michael stared right back, twisting his face into a grimace Jae wouldn't forget.

Choose option two motherfucker, I dare you... Remember, I won't go quietly if I ain't dead by the first shot...

His breath rattled as Jae finally spoke. It was time to leave.

It clicked. He won.

Min Jae knew exactly what would follow if he shot. The threats worked. Here they were, all cuddled next to each other. Michael's crocodile tears didn't work, so gave his crocodile grin instead. Here min Jae was, talking all that shit just five seconds earlier. Now he could barely utter two sentences. Michael's theory was right. All Min Jae amounted to was a chihuahua pretending to be a pit bull. He'll bark at you through the fence, but once he's outside of it?

His smile came back. He twirled his axe again, and placed it on his shoulders, casually bending his knees before straightening them.

"Alright, I'll fold. Got more chips on my table anyways..."

He turned and walked to the door, his eyes locked on Min Jae's. His shit eating grin wouldn't falter now. He opened the door.

"Got all I need from you guys anyways... Thanks for letting me know Brendan's close." He took his sunglasses off, just so Min Jae would see his eyes directly.

"Maybe I'll throw his body through one of these windows the next time I visit. Maybe you guys can fit him in one of the caskets here, eh?"

He slammed the door behind him, his laugh audible behind it.

He realized they couldn't see him anymore at this point. A sigh of relief escaped him as he slid down the door.

Holy shit, he almost died there! Wouldn't that have been a bitch?! He was alive! He was aaaaliiiiive! Hahaaa! Eat shit you fuckers!

He got back up, laughing like a hyena as he walked away.

Even as he laughed however, he couldn't help but look behind him every few paces...

(( Michael Crowe continued elsewhere))
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