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Dorothy was proud.

Her plan worked out: Asha was out of the way and took her taser back, Michael was in range of Min-jae's crossbow and Dot was ready to do whatever to help out.

She wish she had the time to whisper to Asha things like "I'll protect you too" before she left back for the action. She was already back at it with her tazer and aiming it at Michael. She truly was a badass. First, she used what Michael said against him and second, she didn't even stutter when she spoke! If it was Dot in that situation, she would have stuttered so much that any threats she was saying would pass a joke.

However, something inside of her felt wrong. It's not that she felt unhappy but rather felt like the situation could be ending with someone dead very soon (which would in theory make her sad). Life was a precious gift and Dorothy didn't like it when it was thrown out of the window. The whole concept of killing each other until one remained was exactly that: dumping a hundred lives to save the last.

Apparently, Michael and Jerry had their reason to hunt down said girl who happened to be Nancy "Ugly, Obnoxious Blue Hair" Kyle and that didn't make her feel any better. It felt wrong, so wrong, but if Michael had to get shot, then so be it. However, she'd rather not have the situation degenerate to that point even it was heading toward it ever since Mr. Prospector was here.

She did her job, she had nothing to feel bad about. Her duty was done, her goal was succeeded and her friends were alright. She didn't have to say something else, she could have just shut her mouth up and stay still like a statue. Her friends were what mattered, not the reasons some random she knew it like 3 minutes.

"I second that. Or is it third that at that point? I don't know but what she said!"
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