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Arm. Arm. Arm. Arm. Arm.

His instincts were telling him to shake her off, that he needed her to let go of his arm right now. But he just froze there instead, standing there tense as she held on to his arm. He wasn't supposed to feel like this when a girl grabbed his arm, but he couldn't feel elation, only anxiety, and that just made everything all the worst.

The little relief that he had when she let go evaporated instantly though as Alex appeared from behind the door.

He stood there, looking almost the same as ever, perhaps a bit more ragged, but he still had that same air that he always had around him. As if everything was perfectly normal and fine and Jordan was almost ready to beleive it for a second.

But he was a killer and that painted everything in a slightly different light. He'd met two killers now, one before he'd killed and one after. And the two of them were completely different and exactly the same.

He needed to leave.

Why Jeremy was here didn't matter. Either he was with Alex, and that meant bad things, or he was in trouble too. Either way, that meant that he needed out.

And yet, he couldn't bring himself to just up and leave. Some weird sense of propriety prompted him to stay there and let the conversation come to an end before he made a hasty exit.

"Alex. Didn't expect to see you here."

It was then that Hazel collapsed onto him.

He shouted in surprise, almost losing his own balance, but he managed to get a grip on the door.

"Okay, hang on." It was the opportunity he needed to get away. He took slow steps back away from the door, making sure Hazel could keep up with his own speed.

"I guess we'll be back?" he called back towards the room, from the safety of the corridor.
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