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Audrey decided to plop right down next to him, and Jasper was glad she did. It was a little too presumptuous to presume that she'd buddy up with him immediately, but then again, it was the best course of action in a situation like this. Audrey was friendly, and that was enough to make them allies.

Or at the very least, good company.

But the company soon turned into a crowd. Jasper heard the newcomer before seeing them, and he was glad for that. He recognized the girl's voice immediately, and if he'd seen her, he might've mistaken her for another blue-haired girl.

A much scarier blue-haired girl. Jasper pushed the thought out of his head.

"Raina!" He shouted, grinning as he waved. Another familiar face, and to his relief, a friendly one. He couldn't recall talking to her a whole lot, but he did remember eating at Cheryl's with her and their sisters. It was a fond memory of his, and he tried his best to forget the fact that it wasn't going to happen ever again.

"Yeah, we're just chilling. You could always join us, y'know," He added, gesturing towards the other empty seats. The old adage 'the more the merrier' applied to this situation.

But so did 'safety in numbers'.

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