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Bryony was blubbering about something, how she’d gotten robbed the moment she woke up. Bridgette felt the slightest pang of sympathy, but it wasn't much. Of course it would happen to someone like Bryony. With her luck, she should’ve died off a long time ago. But yet, she was still here, living and breathing. Maybe it was a testament to perseverance, or hard work, or even simply luck.

But another part of Bridgette knew that this was all temporary, and Bryony’s perseverance or luck would run out very soon.

The junior handed Bryony one of his own ration bars, and then Tara left. This put Bridgette even more at ease, as the most violent person left the scene, and the remaining two only cemented their pacifism. For the moment, Bridgette was completely safe. Neither of them could do anything to hurt her.

...what now?

She didn’t really have anything to say to either of them. Neither of them could provide anything particularly useful information, and she didn’t think she had anything nice to say.

Or maybe she did. Maybe she could at least talk to them, take the edge off of this situation. The nice ones weren’t going to be around in a few days, so she may as well take advantage of them now.

“So, uh…” she started, struggling to remember his name. “Where exactly are you going to fish?”

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