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Safety in numbers, right? That was the idea. Bad things didn't happen in groups. All the bodies she'd seen had been alone, and they left them alone. Friends could protect you from them. Maybe.


As they walked away from Jane's body, though, Irene had to wonder if friends could really do anything for you here. If Tina, or Josh, or Jane, had actually died alone and vulnerable. It was a miserable idea, dying out here with nobody around but your murderer. But was it more or less miserable than the idea that you weren't alone, that maybe you had friends all around, and they couldn't do anything for you. And when you died, they just left you.

Her hand squeezed Johnny Three as she pictured Hannah and Liv out there alone. She hadn't seen them since. She was going to find them now, and when she did...

Hadn't thought that far ahead yet. But she'd do something. She wouldn't be helpless. Not anymore.

((Irene Djezari Continued Elsewhere))
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