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What? No, Kaitlyn wasn't diving for the gun in some attempt to jump up and pump Alan full of lead or anything. She wasn't some killer. She wasn't gone crazy here. Piss all over that. It was just the aliens and zombies again, and when you didn't know what kind of shit had just gone done and were still trying to process it all, it wasn't a bad idea to make sure you had possession of the gun that had been the impetus of all these problems in the first place.

So Kaitlyn scrabbled across the floor for five or six feet, collapsed on the gun, and hugged it with both arms, before pirouetting on her belly and looking up at Alan before realizing that he was just going to stand there with his hands on his fucking hips and give her his speech and no, she wasn't about to shoot him.

Give Alan credit. He knew that. But it still pissed her straight off that he knew it well enough to stand there like the smug lord of all creation he thought he was and explain it to her.

"It's your fault because there is no fucking plan, dickfuck!" she yelled and stared back down at the gun. She made it up to her knees and stayed there, ass resting on her heels.

"You come across and you go on and we both knew it the whole fucking time that you never had anything and I'm not saying this isn't my fault too and... FUCK!"

The gun turned over in her hands a couple times. Ugh. She totally had to figure out how to use this now. Then her eyes flicked up and caught ahold of Alan's, and the two of them bored holes in each other for another moment before Alan... wait what?

"But hey. Fuck me too. I think this can be the start of a beautiful partnership. Eh?"

Fuck off, she still kinda liked the guy.

Kaitlyn sat there a moment. This was pretty uncomfortable. She eased her legs out to her side so she wasn't resting on them anymore. Better. Although it didn't help stop the fluttering in her chest that'd been going on since she'd killed...

Oh fuck she'd just admitted it to herself; the fluttering turned into a whirlwind and outta nowhere she broke out into laughter again. Not too crazy chuckling, just a few hiccups or two mixed in. She hoped.

She looked over at Mia.

"Fuck off," she said.

"Fuck off. I dunno what I'm doing now."

That was a lie. But whatever she was doing, she needed some time away from him to do it.

"We'll split up her food. If you wanna see me again... whatever, maybe. I'm not gonna shoot you or anything. Gimme a spot and time, next couple days."

Yeah. Time to plan.
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