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It was around the time that Michael decided to threaten Dot's life that Asha decided he wasn't worth protecting any longer. Sure, Jae wasn't blameless, and everything would have gone down a hell of a lot smoother if he'd just kept his mouth shut for twenty goddamn seconds and let Michael leave; but even from their brief time together Asha could feel that the dude probably deserved every word of abuse that was slung his way. Like, what the hell was he even on about, 'wasn't self defense?' Had he even looked at Jae?

Also, it would have been kind of hypocritical to get mad at him for trying hide behind her, considering that Asha had been actively using herself as a shield this entire time; but it still felt nice that it offended Jae on her behalf.

So while Michael posed and postured and twirled his axe like a drunken ringmaster, out after the bars had closed, still expecting his audience of tired passerby to be very impressed by his flash and lack of substance; Asha inched away towards Dot, putting her in a prime position to rush towards her side when she fell, screaming about Isabel.

"I'll keep you safe," Asha murmured, quickly kneeling down beside her. "Just gotta..." she quickly opened Dot's bag; finding her stashed taser after only a moment of groping. It wasn't hard, considering how empty the bag was, now. Asha's stomach churned for a moment as she grasped the weapon, but she fought the sensation back. There'd be time to work through her emotional shit after everyone was safe.

She lightly hopped back to her feet. Isabel was nowhere to be seen, and devil knew that she wasn't the type to make a humble entrance. Michael, however was all out of sorts; frozen in place like he expected the ballet reaper to be creeping up right behind him, cold breath on his neck, talons reaching to pierce his neck. Good job, Dot. Yet another reason she deserved a hug later.

Time to get to work again. All smiles.

"Hey, Mike? A word of advice," Asha called out, casually pointing her taser at him, waving it a little bit to make sure he couldn't miss it. "If you absolutely have to threaten my life, I'd prefer that you address me while you do it. Why, it almost seems like you don't care about me. That hurts!" She pouted, mock offense quickly giving way to another grin. Oh, how she hated to have her life held hostage to harm one of her friends, treating her as nothing more than a mediocre chess piece.

"Now, let me put it this way. You get two choices," she said, sending his own shitty dichotomy flying right back at him. "One: you leave, peacefully; we stay put, peacefully; and everyone's happy! Two: you do something stupid, like trying to hurt us. I zap you with this taser and pry that pretty little axe from your twitching fingers," she said, savoring those last words, letting them hang in the air, thick with implication.

"And then I'll hold oh-so-tightly onto it and throw it into a corner where it won't hurt anyone. You stand up, feeling shitty. You leave without your toy. Lucky you, either way there's no need for my good friend to shoot you!" She finished loudly, hoping Jae would get the message to behave for once.
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