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((Matt Moradi continued from Coming Out Of The Closet))

Outside. It felt like it had been years since he was outside the asylum, but here he was, still running for his life. Ben and Nate were dead - he was almost sure of that - and Alvaro was probably looking for him. Maybe he wanted to finish the job.. after all, he'd be the one that got away, wouldn't he? He'd mourn them later, when he had the time. And maybe he'd feel stupid if their names didn't come up in the announcement. He'd feel even stupider if Ben had managed to kill Alvaro, somehow. Stupid and cowardly, but not too much. What else could he do? Dark basement. Crazed gunman. He was the closest to the door, so of course he'd run away. What else was he supposed to do - run at him, unarmed?

Sure, maybe he'd have knocked the gun out of his hand and he'd be a big hero and they'd parade him through the asylum. Nate could be the marching band and Ben could give him a medal for being such a big fucking hero. Or maybe he'd have gotten shot in the face. He certainly liked to avoid getting shot in the face, and having had around one second to weigh his options, he chose to get the fuck out.

He started to slow down. He was tired, having just run the fastest he'd ever run in his entire life. He doubled over, catching his breath. He'd have to avoid that in the future. Getting trapped in dark rooms with violent murderers. He started to walk - he needed a place to think things out. Sit down for a couple of minutes. If Alvaro was after him, he thought, he was doing a shit job at finding him. The bell tower. Of course. Why not? Here's hoping someone already hadn't set themselves up in there with a rifle and the intent to shoot whoever walked nearby.

People. Two of them. One of them had a gun. No sniper, it looked like, unless there was a sniper and they were friends of his. He tried weighing his options - they could decide to murder him. And they would, in fact, probably have an easy time doing it. On the other hand, he was entirely alone. Nate and Ben might be dead - at the very least, they weren't with him right now. The idea of Deranged Lunatic #21 deciding to sneak up on him and drive a knife into his back was, at best, unappealing.

He walked up to them.

"Don't shoot," he said, still out of breath. "I'm unarmed." He laid all his cards on the table.
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