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This... Wasn't working. Really, shit these people were ice cold! Wouldn't even let a man get a drink! Well, fuck 'em. Ungrateful motherfuckers, he only went in because they were screaming about Al. Al's a punk, dude, like shit, they were afraid of that?!

Michael continued to pace, this time placing his axe over his shoulder, shrugging at Asha's comments.

"Well... you got me, shit. Least I got you guys talking outside of a few words and shit. I'll go, but you tell that attack dog over there to put his shit away first, I trust the fucker as fast as I can fuck him, and I sure ain't gettin' in his pants any time soon..."

And talk he got. Especially from Jae. Michael could bend that fucker in two. Hell, if he talked to him like that in any other scenario he would. He'd hit him in the kidneys till he pissed blood, he'd kick him in the stomach until he caught IBS or Crohn's or some shit. He'd fuck him up.

"Man, shut the fuck up you hypocrite! You're only talking all that shit coz' you stole that crossbow from a dead kid. Damn sure wasn't self defense from what I see neither, no arrows in you. You ain't even got the balls to look me in the eyes back in Kingman, always staring at the floor when I walk by. Now, you're suddenly some badass motherfucker?!"

Then he mentioned Jerry. That motherfucker mentioned Jerry. Even worse, he knew, that meant he was with Brendan. Brendan was here. They way he talked shit about Jerry though... Michael didn't like none of these people. Fuckin' hardasses, even worse, they think they're in the right. Just gonna sit and wait to win. He wondered how long before Min Jae would take before shooting them both in the back...



Hold up.

Michael had a plan. Playing the sympathy card for himself did not work. However, the trust card was different. How much could Min Jae's friends trust him.

"Yeah, you're right. Jerry deserved to die right? Totally, I mean, all he wanted was to avenge Scarlett, and when we find the bitch that did her in, she's putting a damn corkscrew or some shit in another kid's eye. Yeah, he deserved to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when some petty fuck wanted to get back at me for saying mean words at him, I ain't even touch the little bitch!"

Michael grinned, flicking his tongue through his teeth as he twirled his axe and pointed it at Jae.

"I deserve to die too, for avenging him. But y'know..."

He pointed to Thing One and Two in front of him.

"If I kill them, then that'd make me innocent by your logic, right? Nancy's innocent. You're innocent too! Tota-fuckin'-ly."

He laughed.

"Hey I'll make you a deal! Three choices!"

He pointed again at Jae.

"Door number one, you put your money where your mouth is, and you come down here to me, show me what you did to Sammy, eh? Only one of us has to die..."

He spun his axe again, mocking some circus ring leader.

"Door number two! You shoot me! Easiest option right, ain't even got to look me in the eyes when you kill me! But... You best not miss, or you better hope I don't get back up..."

He pointed towards Asha and the other girl. His grin disappeared, he wasn't fucking around.

"I'll kill them both, then kill you. Brendan and Nancy only lived because they ran away. Door's behind me. You do the math."

He continued pacing, not speaking for dramatic effect.

He intentionally relaxed his posture for door number three.

"Or door number three, you put that shit away, I walk out, and nobody's gotta go six feet under. How much you give a shit about your buddies there Jae? How much you trust your eyes, you fast enough? Smart enough? You really wanna risk it? I'm not like pussy pickaxe. When I lose a game, I don't lose gracefully, I flip the fuckin' table. That's how I roll man!"

To be honest, he was scared as shit, but desperate calls and desperate measures are a thing after all. These people weren't the good guys anyways. Following under some murderer like that, like he's got the moral high ground. Fuck him. Michael was certain he'd kill Min Jae later, but right now, he had to play it cool. He continued pacing, making himself a harder target, his movements more erratic. If Min Jae fires, it meant he didn't give a rats ass about his two compatriots, and they'd realize it. Michael preferred not to be the doomed moral victor, because y'know, he'd still be dead. But given the chance to screw over the guy who wants him dead, he'd gladly take the chance. Crabs in a Bucket.

His eyes darted between the three people in front of him, hidden by his shades. Asha, other girl, Jae, other girl, Jae, Asha, door, Jae, Asha, other girl, door, Asha, Jae, other girl looked spooked. It never occurred to him that someone might be behind him.

"Shit I even tried to be nice at first to you ungrateful f-"

Who the fuck is Iz?


Oh shit...
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