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Oh no.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Michael was inching ever so closely to Asha. At first, Dot thought nothing of it. Then she thought about the logical option being killing Asha. She looked over her shoulder, Jae with his crossbow and Asha blocking the shot.

Was he really going to use Asha as a meat shield?

Her breathing started to speed up, her chest raising and lowering rapidly. Dorothy could let that happen. Friends don't let other friends get killed. They don't do that. They protect each other. Dorothy wouldn't let Asha died.

She backed away slowly, moving diagonally to get the advantage. Did he even notice her? She was confused, but it was obvious he had to pay attention to bigger thing than the girl who shut her mouth up. It would have been another story if she were the one in between them, but she wasn't.

She didn't know what to do so she did the first thing that went through her mind.

She faked a gasp, the one she should have done when she saw Iz. She stumbled backward, pointing right behind Michael. Her bag fell, just to be more realistic, and she was about to cry crocodile tears when she started to hysterically yell,

"Oh my God, Iz is back," she realized Michael wouldn't know about that nickname of hers so she continued, "Isabel is back to kill us!"

She hoped Asha would understand to run.
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