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((Nate Turner came out of the closet))

How long had it been since he’d ran into the lobotomy lab and crawled behind the stack of boxes to hide? Ten minutes? An hour? Six? There was no concept of time right now, only fear.

He was tucked into a tiny ball, cradling his knees in his chest as every muscle in his being was in a panic. His heart was high and swollen in his throat, whilst his stomach was so tight it threated to rip itself apart at the slightest twinge. He couldn’t move from the spot, but he couldn’t stop shaking either.

He knew Alvaro was coming down the hallway for him, ready to blow his brains out. Any second now he’d hear the door open, Alvaro would pull the boxes away (because, really, what a stupid hiding place this was), and put a bullet in his face like he’d tried to however long ago that had been.

Like he’d done to Ben.

The only thing that eclipsed the terror was the guilt. His friend, who had been keeping him company in this nightmare, who had let him cry in his arms when it was all too much, was dead. Matt was probably dead too, and it was all his fault. If he hadn’t been in the way and made Ben save him, or if he’d just been able to talk Alvaro down like anyone who knew the first thing about talking to people could, then there’d be four in their group instead of just him, who was only taking up space. If he'd just stayed, then at least he wouldn't have died a coward.

He would’ve cried again, but he really couldn’t anymore, and he didn’t want to either. He had to stay silent, had to stay alive even if it wasn’t worth it. There wasn’t anything he could do to help anyone anymore, but he still didn’t want to die.
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