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Isabel lightly waved her sword around in the air while innocently tapping her bottom lip.

Those were an interesting choice of words from someone staring death in the face. Isabel was expecting more begging and grovelling. Still, at least it gave her an opportunity for her own witty comeback. "I guess you could say I am here to help..."

Isabel directed the sword towards the boy's face, the point just out of his reach. "...myself."

Isabel lowered the sword slightly. Nobody else was in sight, there was no reason she couldn't savor the moment as much as possible. She spoke up, her tone condescending and devious. "Can't move an inch? Well, that makes this situation a whole lot more interesting."

Isabel was more than aware that she was acting like a villain that one would see in a cheesy action movie, but that was intentional. It would make her stand out from the growing crowd of killers, give her a chance to rise above the pack. And more importantly, it would mean all the more fear she could squeeze out of her latest victim.

Isabel loomed over the boy, her figure menacing in the light of the morning sun. She chuckled, unable to contain her growing excitement. "You wanna know something?" Isabel set her sword on the ground outside of the boy's reach before fumbling around for the halberd as she spoke. "Your life... doesn't mean anything. Your life doesn't matter. The most important moment of your life is this one right here." Isabel slowly drew her halberd out from behind her back. "And the only reason this moment is important? Because you get the honor of having your life ended by me."

Isabel got into position next to the boy's broken legs, halberd at the ready. "So, where do you want me to start? Or actually, let me rephrase that... which organ is your least favorite? Don't worry, I know where they all are, I had to do a lot of studying for anatomy class to get those good grades that I got."

She smiled.

"I won't miss."
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