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The first thing he noticed was the noise.

A burst. An explosion pierced through his ears as the bullets of the gun found their way out of the chamber. It was loud. Louder than he had ever heard before. As his body rocked and his body slipped and as his body fell to the ground the only thing he noticed was the noise of the gun piercing its way through his head.

That was him.

He had done that.

And a thunk sounded as the back of his head hit the ground. The cold of the water pierced its way through his clothes, the high pitched noise of the aftermath pierced its way into his mind, but he couldn’t feel. Couldn’t hear. As the vibrations of the water touched his body all he noticed was the bang. The explosion. The burst of the bullets.

The noise faded, though, and everything came back. The pain in the back of his head. The cold of his body. The colour of the walls and the ceiling.

The one person still in the room.

His hands shook. Clutched. The gun was still there. The person was still there. He had to act, he had to do-

Wait, but-

No. He did. He had to. He was still there. He was angry. Alvaro knew he was. The person hadn’t said anything the person hadn’t expressed anger or shown Alvaro his feelings but Alvaro knew because he did that the gunshot was his and everyone had ran away and he was scary and he was a monster now and he had killed and everyone knew that and now he was going to take his anger out on Alvaro. Wait. No. No. No. No. No. This was going to happen again. No. No. This wasn’t going to happen again. He wasn’t going to let this be like the last times. The time he didn’t do anything until it was too late and when they took advantage of that. No. He had to act. Fight. Be brave. Be selfish and think of himself, for once. He had to just

Had to just

He closed his eyes. He clenched the gun in his hands.

And slowly, he began to stand up.
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