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Shit, Jae was sounding worse and worse each time he yelled, anger becoming tinged with a manic energy. He wasn't just pissed at Asha, he seemed legitimately scared, too. That hadn't been part of the plan. Unfortunately, it was too late to cut her losses and move back now, not without risking either of their new arrivals. She'd have to change her tactics a little; focus on dissolving instead of defusing.

Al bolted under this new round of shouting, but he hadn't seemed like he would have been very receptive, anyway; even with more time and less pressure. A Nancy, not a... hypothetical person who would have listened to Asha. She wished that she could have helped him, but at their current point he was definitely safer outside their oh-so-holy hall.

Michael was much less inclined to leave on his own; instead launching into a surprisingly passionate tirade. Asha found it funny that in his first sentence, he had already talked more than Al had during his entire stay. Aside from that? She wasn't a fan, honestly. She hadn't quite recognized him and connected the Dorothys at first, but once Jae had granted him a 'fuck off', she realized that he was one of the people Brendan had talked about, earlier.

His cavalier attitude in the face of attempted murder reminded her too much of Isabel, and his fairly obvious ploys for sympathy didn't help, either. Fuck, man, Jae was in plain sight; loath as she was to consider the pain olympics, losing your pinky was getting off easy compared to that. Asha's smile tightened a bit around the corners. That was unfair, of course. No one deserved to be compared to Isabel except literal serial killers; which in all honestly would probably just flatter her. (Oh, the monsters that walked their earth were so much less appealing that than real thing. Asha had always tried to stay clear of the tasteless movies that gifted them a bloody spotlight stolen from the trail of corpse they had left in their wake; or even the more 'legitimate' documentaries. Some things deserved to be forgotten.)

In any case, this was a rare time where she did not relish her obligatory friendliness in the least. Keeping Michael around was bad for Jae's mental health and Michael's mortality, so at least it'd be over with quickly.

"Dude, I'd love for us to sit down and talk, but... literally none of us have had a good day, and we kind of just need a chance to breath together? Just us? 'We didn't come here to make friends,'" Asha said portentously; launching into a brief imitation of every reality TV contestant. "It's nothing personal, seriously, but would you mind leaving us alone? The cliffy area north of that asylum is freaking gorgeous, by the way."
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