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"That’s not a prediction, that’s a spoiler.”
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The way Jasper responded made Audrey shrink back, as though she were somehow imposing on hanging out in a room all by yourself. He's been here a day though? Maybe Audrey overreacted. Maybe he's been wandering the halls, searching? With the shock of running into someone the way she did dissipated, she relaxed. Her shoulders loosened. She smiled a sheepish smile. Gosh, she made things way more awkward than it needed to be. It was like she was back home!

"Well. It's gonna rain. At least, I think it is. You how it is."

Audrey did not, in fact, know how it was. She didn't even know what she meant by 'it'. She felt a little guilty about being so suspicious about Jasper of all people. Okay, Audrey, stop. She breathed in through her nose. She walked further into the room, dropped her bag onto the nearest seat she could find. She exhaled through her nose. Audrey did this two more times, in, out. Gotta compartmentalize, compartmentalize, compartmentalize.

Audrey turned back to Jasper. Her smile was easier, felt lighter on her face. "A break? Heck, we all need one of those. Don't mind if I join you?"

She had the nunchaku out, spinning one end around slowly. She spun her head around, attention focused on the open doorway. She was about to answer Jasper but now she had -- someone else? She recognized the girl in the half-open doorway. Not her name though. It's hard to forget that shade of cobalt.

"Oh?" She waved at the girl with her free hand, since her other hand was busy being tangled with the chain of the nunchaku. "Hey, what's up? We're just chilling! Jasper and me! I just, uh," she turned to look at Jasper, "just spent the past day exploring the island and haven't really... talked to anyone. And Jasper's been... here. I guess.

"So... Hey!"

She waved before realizing she just said hello to the girl. Ugh.
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