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Everyone was speechless for a good five seconds. Option two looked mighty tempting at this point...

Then Asha spoke up. She made a joke. It was...aaactually pretty funny. Michael cocked his head to the side, a light smirk forming on his face. He pressed his tongue through is teeth as he let out a small chuckle.

"Well, I don' know about 'hero' but, I ain't the for-"

And then Jojo McDodd from Horton Hears a Who told him to fuck off. Michael's grin disappeared as he put a single hand on his hip.

"Really? Can we not? L-l-like, can we fuckin' not?" He glanced over towards Alessio, who was already halfway out the door. Well, so much for that piss-baby. He took the time to scan the room behind his sunglasses, before pacing left and right. Looked inconspicuous enough, and a moving target was a harder target.

Min Jae told him to fuck off again. Man, you give a dude a crossbow, and suddenly his dick grew three sizes that day.

What was up with him and Dr. Seuss references? Well... Wasn't his fault they based the emo Who off of that poor bastard's face. Speaking of it, damn he looked fucked up, like someone kicked the shit out of him.

Didn't he appear on the announcements, beating someone else to death? That's not how you use a crossbow, if that even is your crossbow, friend...

Michael continued pacing. He felt like shit for this, but...

His pacing moved over towards the right a little bit. He had to get Asha between him and Jae. Not like, use her as a shield or nothing, just... collateral. Min wouldn't shoot one of his own right? Wait, did Min Jae even have friends? He had killed once already...

It wasn't fucked up for him to do this right? I mean, he wasn't holding her hostage, he was just... positioning himself. Yeah. Fuck, he hoped they didn't know what he was planning, he wasn't getting any closer to them or anything, all he was doing was making himself a harder target. That's it. If Min Jae shoots, it's on him. Min would be okay with having blood on his hands anyways if he's willing to shoot... Michael wouldn't feel bad at all about rushing him if it came to that. Those crossbows take time to reload, and if Min missed... Then again if he hit her, then Mike'd feel guilty for standing in that spot. But still, it wasn't like- man just open your mouth and speak, get the fucker to lower his arms!

"Woah, woah, woah... That's the thanks I get? Fuckin' hearin' screaming and shit, come in for the rescue, and you get all pissed off at me?" Michael pointed at his own chest for emphasis. Use your words, play the empathy card. Gotta get the fucker to lower the gun.

"Hell, I should get a 'thank you' for scaring 'Spooks Bloodyfuck' off. He probably woulda' put his pickaxe in one of your friends here if I didn't come. It's like fuck man, the only other sane person I know gets pig-sticked, and everyone else has gone off their fuckin' Adderall. Like shit dude, I had a real shitty day, I lost the only friend I made on this island, the ones from back home are getting killed by scum-sucking fuckers, my fuckin' pinkey gets lopped off, and I can't even get a place to sit down and get me a fucking refreshing drink of piss-warm bottled beverage."

Michael shook his head, pacing. His heart was jumping. He could feel his veins wanting to burst out his skin. His stomach felt like it was in one of those high-g force machines astronauts ride for training. Michael was scared as shit, and he was moving to desperate measures. He was disgusted in himself for the cowardice he was performing right now, using someone as a sort of blockade like that. He had to though. He could try to turn and leave, but at this point, Min Jae might shoot him in the back. Goddamnit, you can't do anything around here without digging yourself in a deeper hole.

"Is there anyone I can get a normal chat with? Like at all? Anyone willing to talk like a normal person for once?"

That was all he could hope for, getting them to talk. That's it, that's all he wanted. It wouldn't be so risky turning around then...
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