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The boy talking to him right now was Jordan Green. He was… okay, bordering on cool. Acquaintance would probably be the best word for what their relationship, was. Not a friend - he tended to keep getting Jeremy into arguments and they didn’t really share hobbies or clubs to make conversation more easy - but someone he could choose to talk to if none of the other options were disabled. The girl behind him freaking out was Hazel. Jung. Not Jo. She was less someone Jeremy knew about and more someone Jeremy knew of. Or rather, had heard of. She was on the anti-bullying committee, did some stuff around school, and apparently did some weird stuff behind closed doors, from what he heard. Not that he really cared now though. Neither of them were on the announcements, and neither of them were on his list. They weren’t exactly highest or lowest priority, right now.

Didn’t mean he wasn’t going to talk to them, though.

“Yeah, it’s helped. I’ve sorta been messing it up by walking out the room immediately after it’s triggered but eh, I’ll figure out how to not do that in enough time.”

Another question followed. Little bit of a harder one to answer. Maybe he’d just keep them out of the room, if that was possible, it wouldn’t be too hard to do so.

“But yeah, I’m alo-”

Jeremy froze up.


So much for that plan.
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